Sigrid Spearthrower

by Helena Bonde

Sigrid Spearthrower is a Valkyrie who hasn’t left Valhalla in 800 years. When she baits Odin in a drunken gamble, she finds herself thrown out of Valhalla and trapped in modern day San Francisco unless she can find 81 heroic souls. There, to her shock, she befriends mortals and finds an entire community of mythological people. But Sigrid’s time is running out, and in San Francisco, a warrior’s death may look different than she has always believed. As she prowls the city, searching for the dead, she finds herself caught between the worlds of supernatural and humans. With the fate of Valhalla hanging in the balance, Sigrid must learn to find wariror spirits in the most unlikely places and that some battles cannot be fought with a spear or an axe.


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