Tabulit is the brain child of co-founders and co-creators, Ed Kang and Alex Park. They were inspired by Korean comic platforms which allow artists to live off their art. Motivated to do the same in North America, they set out to create this independent digital subscription-based publishing platform as a way to create a sustainable economic environment for creators. (How exactly? Ed explains in his blog post.)

Founded in 2016, the Montreal-based platform was initially one platform that combined comics and novels. Following the beta testing, the platform was relaunched in early 2017 with two distinct sides: comics and novels. Each now has their own website: tabulitcomics.com and tabulitbooks.com (that's the one you're currently browsing!) 

Tabulit aspires to provide good, curated content in an environment that lets artists thrive and focus on what they do best: create.

You can read more about the platform straight from Alex in his interview with The Dobson Chronicles